Sreevari Sena

Small group of people in every District joins hands to perform charitable activities in their vicinity like cleaning parks, roads, watering plants in common areas – portraying Service  to the Community as Karthavya; Amma encourages SreevariSena beyond the boundaries of nationality and religion etc

The Essence Behind

  • Primary objective of the event is to unleash the unity amongst people in the community beyond existing divides of political interest, religion, caste and creed etc; only service mindedness being the knotting thread
  • Revive the ancient culture of organizing NagaraSankeerthana – where group of people moves around the village early in the morning singing Bhajans
  • One doesn’t have moral right to point out that World has become rotten; Everyone has a role to play in cleansing the same; The event intents to make one understand that God’s way of helping is only through people with big hearts coming forward to help one-self and others
  • Propagate the fact that the only way to reach God is through offering service to mankind
  • Every person to be considered same irrespective of economic or social background