“AhamVaishva naroBhutva Praninam Dehamastrita PranapanaSamayukta PachamyannamChaturvidham

God is present in everybody in the form of Vaishvanara. So, whomsoever you serve, consider that you are serving God

India has always been a prosperous country both materially and spiritually. The rich philosophical heritage of India contributed by various philosophers, saints, poets and mystics portraits an outstanding efforts probing on time, knowledge, happiness, peace and love. The wisdom of India has been successfully propagating the very meaning of life beyond the religious, geographical boundaries rendering solutions to every problem posed by the material world.

The ignorance or spiritual blindness may lead a human into a world of delusion. The ancient philosophy of Yoga propagating that the root cause of all sorrows and sufferings is the loss of contact with the Truth termed as God. Guru Ved Vyas stated ‘Perform all work carefully, guided by compassion’, the Karma Yoga emphasizes that an egotistic, selfish motivations create a wall around us that blocks our connect to the Truth, instead ‘dana’ or selfless compassionate action benefits not only the doer but creates a positive vibe that leads one’s journey towards Enlightenment. One has to keep faith


…describes the actions of Yogi are neither White nor Black, while they are threefold for others;

The Vedas prompting ‘AhamBramhasmi’, ‘SarvamKhalvidam Brahma’ that  I am Bramham/ God and everything in this Universe is God. Upanishads declare ‘RasoVaiSaha’ that all  that one sees, does and experiences becomes divine.

The Supreme Power is present in every human and only one who understands the truth experiences the bliss. But, such a divine power in man evolves only through consistent spiritual practice and How?

Neither by penance nor by Pilgrimage
Nor by scriptures nor by Japa
can one cross the ocean of Life…
One can achieve it only by serving the pious.

In a relative world we perceive mother, father, brother, wife, children as God. Once the truth is realized, we extend our heart to not only to all fellow beings but to every element of Universe realizing the advaitam (non-dualism). Let us all travel towards overcoming vikaras of Ego through Satkarma with a channel and submit ourselves to the Eternal Power to make the Earth a Paradise by being Karma Yogis.

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