About Amma

“Let us walk together and talk together. Let us think together and let our feelings and heart be together. Let us aim at the common welfare and let us enjoy together naturally and spiritually”- AmmaJyothirmaye

AmmaJyotirmaye is a renowned vocalist and an exemplary devotional singer dedicating her services for a mission to spread Telugu Literature of  Annamacharya  Sankeerthanas.

Living the spirit of confluence of Holy Rivers, Amma is a unique blend combining the Devotion, Musical mastery, Literary Grandeur and Social responsibility and is a scholar in Annmacharya Renaissance Project by Tirumala tirupathi Devasthanam (TTD). Inspired by Sri Annamacharya  who sculptured poems with life style of rural brothers and sisters, she makes a unique blend of Sankeerthana and Satkarma.

Amma is the Founder of Guru Kondaveeti Jyothirmaye  Central Trust, working for a noble mission to pray for the Universal Peace through promoting Telugu Annamacharya literature all over the world while emphasizing on ‘Karma’ as the essence of Salvation.

She toured extensively in United States of America, Singapore, Kuwait and many other countries, Amma serves through concerts and literary promotional activities to propagate Annamaacharya Telugu Literature across world; Amma with her active association with various Causes spread to Human, Animal and Environment Care is stretching her efforts towards spreading the essence of Love through Sankeerthana and Satkarma. Along with her goal of expanding Music and Social service, she also spreads the essence of spiritual practice propagating that all three together lays path towards Salvation.

Early Life & Career:

Amma born on 14th January, As a young girl has been amulti-faceted talent in performing arts, enthralling people with herperformances.

She completed Post Graduation in Philosophy and Carnatic Musicfrom Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD). Trained in Classical music byrenowned Gurus Smt  Indira Devi, Sri Puddukotai Ramanathan, Dr. Mythili, SriNukala Chinnasatyannarayana.In Yoga practice, Amma is an ardent follower of theSpiritual, Master Ekkirala Krishnamacharya., a prophet of 20th Century.

Driven by the noble vision of Unity beyond boundaries, givingaround 700 literary musical compositions in All India Radio, Amman alsorendered more than 3000 concerts, led number of humanitarian Camps and TrainingPrograms across world. She has delivered 26 lyrical compositions, audio album,5 Video albums, 6 Books and they are rather only a section of her services.

Amman has been restoring mobile libraries for visuallychallenged and her remarkable and critically acclaimed services for visuallychallenged are Annamacharya Sankeerthanas, Indian Epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata& Srimatbhagavatam in Braille language; extended to the Life History ofMahatma Gandhi, story works of Akbar Birbal, Tenali Ramakrishna and Alibaba 40Thieves.

The essence the Spirituality – Realizing God in Day to Day Life

Amma morally supports various Orphan Homes, Visually Challenged Homes, Juvenile Homes, Homes for Senior citizens, and Leprosy, Rehabilitation centres for HIV Positive and Correctional Homes, Animal rescue homes articulating the message of Peace in action