Pournami Brundavanam

Establishing complete control over the five senses and mind is most difficult in Ghrihastha ashram. Realizing our true nature, our real self is goal of human life.
Its only in human form one reaches the stages of enlightenment and finally salvation. It’s the noblest experience.
For that to happen, as said by Lord Sri Krishna “Uddhareth atmana aatmaanam”. (Which mean let a man raise by himself)
Use mind to understand the importance of aatma gynana and reach aatmananda stage. When we indulge our mind in sacred activities, we become more near to Real self.
“Uthisthita jagrata prapya varan nibodhata” || Katha Upanishad ||
Awake, arise and having approached a learned teacher, learn.
Hence realize the importance of taking out time for Aatma gynana (the real knowledge), aatma sakshatkara and aatmananda.
“Yogah karmasu kousalam”
This yogam (union with God) give excellence in action in your chosen fields to yield better results. By keeping our mind body and soul and harmonious alignment through this divine activity we can experience yogam with paramatma
With the energy received on the day of purnamis, helps you to have the divine experiences through the rest of your life.

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