Nama Sankeerthana

Transforming physical being through day long enchanting of Hari Nama Bhajans, “Nama Sankeerthana” is a powerful invocation to reach the realm of God by chanting the Holy names of God, thus spreading positive energy of the cosmic source fervently.

The Essence Behind

  • Metaphysics details “energy follows the attention”. When mind and words are rendered on Bhagavan, the energy shifts to positivity called God and thus, divine qualities. The more one thinks about Bhagavan, the more one attributes to divine qualities
  • Science demonstrates that sound is a vibration – the names of Bhagavan are vibrations that create a high frequency vibe of peace and love in the people surrounding
  • Physical body is a gross formation of energy, which is neutral. However, when one hates or attains any attributes of rejection, the energy depletion starts and it reflects in day to day activities
  • To restore the depleted energy, Gods and Sages preached ‘Nama Sankeerthana’ as a beautiful technique
  • Both science and spirituality states that ‘OM’ is the source of energy and the utterance connects one to the Cosmic Energy.
  • Sages like Annamayya and Tyagaraja termed Harinama as a key to Liberation, root of pleasures, kali dosha hara  and considered as Jagadekahitam